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Cooking Tatar specialties with Elmira and SIMI

In November, the Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI) organized the 14th cooking course, this time for Tartar specialties. The cook was Elmira, Tatar from Russia, chairperson of the NGO KITAP, and she taught the interested people how to prepare the following dishes: Kystybyi, Azu and Kosh tele.

All these recipes you will find on SIMI Foodblog.

Also, on a SIMI Food blog you will find more collector cards with recipes and a story from a series of cooking classes organized by the association as part of the Crossing Borders project. You can download the Tatarstan Collector Card here.

If you missed this meeting, check out our site, and the next event organized by KITAP will be the „Piano concert of Tatar music of Mr. Rustam Shaykhutdinov“ on 19.11.2019 (Tuesday) from 7 pm.

And for other cooking classes, check out the page of SIMI.

We look forward to the next meeting!

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