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Turkický OPEN MiC s KITAP 03.02.2019 café Kampus

Turkic openmic with kitap 🎙 even though there was snowing

not many turkic musical instruments 

but there were many lovers of turkic culture 💕 so many Polish and Czech people speaking Turkish ! And people with Bulgarian, Greek and Armenian roots loving Turkic and Turkish music and culture! Patrizia Əliyeva and Berke Berkay Bek were the Turkish music stars of the evening ! 

Hispanic guys enjoying and knowing more about turkic states and people 

thank you all for coming and making this evening great! See u next time! And next time will be better! Btw if you have any suggestions – let us know, we are open for the critics and like to develop to make it better ! Love and good day for all ❤️

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